Taking out the Laundry

As this year comes to an end, I find myself in a very deep focus on whats ahead for 2012 but first, I need to get things off of my chest Continue reading

The Importance of Light, and waiting for it.

Found this video on youtube on the impact that light has in photography. It’s a time lapse that shows how light affects the scene. I think it’s very important to learn this and for it to become like second nature. Always wait for the light. This video is focused on landscapes, but you can apply it to any other genre of photography.

“Behind The Scenes”

This is a very cool video I stumbled on while glancing through Vimeo. It’s called “Behind The Scenes”, and it was shot by Yosheng Tang. You shouldn’t have to be a videographer/film maker to appreciate. Love it when one of the director walks off while looking at the camera and says, “Don’t worry about it kid, we’ll fix it in post”. Hilarious. Enjoy!