Jonelle on the Rocks

I remember scouting for a location for this shoot. I think what adds to my photography, is that I have a creative imagination. I feel most photographers either have one, or will develop one over time. It sure can make your life a little easier, and exciting, depending on how you look at it.

Jonelle is a model here in Brooklyn, and stated that she was looking for a unique place to shoot. I actually have always wanted to shoot here. So with her request, opportunity knocked, and I opened the door. I would be bringing out the big lights(studio strobes, in my case Alien Bees) for this shoot. Just wanted to have complete control and when you bring out the big lights, complete control is what you will have. I also never travel without my trusty SB’s.

I used a 47 inch octabox. This is Paul C. Buffs big Octa. This thing throws out a ton of light when powered sufficiently. I had my AB-1600 firing through the octa. One small note about the octa, never use it without the inner baffle. Without that inner baffle it will give you a hot spot dead center and you will curse yourself when you see the results later. I didn’t feel the need to add any other lights to this set up as you can see I got good separation of Jonelle from the background. I also wanted to show a lot of detail in the rocks, thus another reason I wanted to use the big octa.


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