Mistake’s made, lesson learned.

Wow. You talk about colossal blunders. I recently did a shoot for Alvin. An up and coming male model. We planned the shoot for sunset, but due to Alvin’s schedule, he was unable to stick around for the sunset. We shot this in this very cool park in D.U.M.B.O.(Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), which is downtown Brooklyn.

We came upon a boat, actually there were a few of them, just sitting in the park. It served as a good place to pose Alvin. I shot this using a 60 inch umbrella in reflective mode with one sb-800 without the dome diffuser on. I really don’t use the dome diffuser when I’m lighting men. It’s just my preference. I feel guys just need harder light.Now, I have everything set up and I’m popping off frames. The weather is great, I’m getting some great shots, and everything flows smoothly.

Then, just as soon as it starts, the shoot is over, I start packing up, and Alvin is off to his next appointment for the day. As I arrive home that evening, I upload the images to CS4, and begin to edit the pictures. After the editing was done, I sent Alvin some of the images via email. Maybe an hour later, I was going through the shots again, and I noticed that I got the shaft of the umbrella, and the legs of my light stand in a few of my frames, I posted the before and after above(I outlined the mistakes in white). So, back to CS4 I go to do more editing, and then re-sending those images to Alvin.

You see, us photographers make mistakes sometimes. We are humans after all. Or at least last time I checked we are. It happens to even the best of us in this business. Mistakes have to be made, lessons are learned, albeit sometimes the hard way. I could go on and on about I should’ve and could’ve, but, I’ll just file this one under, Mistakes I’ve Made, and just move on to the next shoot. Until next time, happy shooting.


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