The Strobist Jetpack

The other day I came across this video on youtube. I watched it a couple of times and said to myself, this is very funny, and weird, but, I like his ingenuity. When you have no assistant, friend, family member, or random stranger to hold, or spot a light stand, or c stand, what do you do? You create this.

Ill be totally honest with you, I’ve actually had an idea similar to this, but my idea involved an actual backpack with rods, and, just think McGuyver meets Strobist, and you’d get the idea. It’s also a way to avoid being fined, but I think if the boys in blue saw you with this thing on your back, you might want to take the fine! Your thoughts?


One thought on “The Strobist Jetpack

  1. I love it! Completly stupid looking but sometimes the things that work the best look the worst. Takes guts to walk the streets wearing it…

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