Remembering Egypt

Last October, I was fortunate enough to make a trip to Egypt. You have to understand, this was a huge deal to me. As far back as I can remember, my parents used to take me and my two siblings to the Brooklyn Museum, here in Brooklyn.

My most fond memories come from an ongoing exhibit there on Egypt. I remember just staring at the beautiful works of the ancient Egyptians. Such talent for detail, such respect for the dead. I’ve always wondered from those childhood days, how Egypt looked in person. You see, as a child, I saw Egypt using my imagination. When I finally got to see the place I’ve admired and wondered about all these years, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I’ve walked the streets of Cairo, and the streets of Luxor. Mingled with Egyptians. Learned of their culture and history. I saw life in Egypt on both sides of the coin. The beauty of it, and the side that they don’t depict on the brochure. Here in the states, we take things for granted. If you’ve never visited Egypt, you wouldn’t be able to grasp its social contradictions. For me, it was a wake up call, but a necessary one. I took it as a blessing actually. A great lesson learned.

To walk in the ancient sands of Giza, and to see the power of the Great Pyramids piercing the sky from a distance. It’s an unexplainable feeling. I would say it’s close to feeling overwhelmed. I actually touched the Pyramids. I remember closing my eyes, and tilting my head back, and just thanking God for giving me the ability to just be there, in the presence of such greatness. It’s something I will never forget.


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