The Smallest Teachers

I did a little shoot this past weekend of my niece and nephews. I didn’t know how tough it was to shoot children. My hat goes off to all of you Children Photographers out there.

My sister recently said that she wanted some pictures of the kids. So, me being the good(and Proud)uncle I am, I took advantage of the nice weather and headed over to my sister’s place.

Now, I have shot my nephews before. Albeit at a time when they are not in full play mode. You know that switch that children have, It goes like this, ON, FULL-ON, and, WHAT-IS-OFF-AGAIN? The first time I shot just the boys,(my niece was somewhere being mean at the time),they basically first woke up, and they were still a little groggy. This would be a prime time to shoot children for me personally. Unfortunately for me, this wasn’t the case this time around.

Guess what position ALL of their little switches where in?….You guessed it, the WHAT-IS-OFF-AGAIN position. Getting them to stay still is the equivalent of trying to soak up the ocean with a sponge, aint happenin. With assistance from my sister, I was able to get them to stay still for about, 1/500th of a second.

Took a bunch of shots, and the resulting image up top was the best of the bunch. The rest were like images taken of a dance recital in full swing. Motion blur everywhere.

They did teach me a great deal. I learned that, I, as a photographer, need to work on family pictures, i.e. group children shots, etc. They also taught me that you need to have an enormous amount of patience and no matter how frustrating things may get you have to stay the course to get the image you’re after. Im a proud uncle and love them dearly. Even if they are some of the harshest teachers I’ve had :0)

Shot this with a Nikon D300 with a Nikon 24-70mm. Had a Wescott Apollo 28 inch soft box a little to camera left, boomed above them. I double up the light using two SB-800’s inside the soft box with no dome diffusers on.

An Uncle’s Pride, originally uploaded by iamNigelMorris.


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