The Bad Economy & The 50 Million Photographers

Ok. I read Zack Arias’s post about the over saturation of photographers(great post by the way). He is spot on with just about everything he says. Just about everyone these days are photographers. I understand about where photography has been, and I can see where it is going. Here’s the thing, yes, I know the economy is still bad. No, Im not getting overrun with clients, but, my fellow photographers, let’s stop moping about it, and do something.

I understand that at one point, becoming a photographer wasn’t easy as, A-buy camera, B-read things online and learn a few things about recently purchased camera, and finally, C-you are now a photographer. There were dues that were paid. You either went to school, assisted a professional, and/or started off working for peanuts at some whole in the wall publication, or something along these lines. Once again, it’s called paying dues, which basically means, you couldn’t go the McDonald’s route, you had to make your own meal, step by step, so to speak.

Now, I won’t sit here and bullsh*t any of you. I have never been to photography school, assisted a pro photographer, or worked for a paper. Heck, I I still don’t have a website(coming soon though). But I’ve always had a love for photography, I would say for the last 11 years. I began pursuing it seriously the last three years. But I will tell you this, I didn’t just jump in and say, “Ill buy a Nikon or Canon DSLR, and go from there”. No, I did my homework. Photography is something that takes years to master. Years. Not months. Im still learning and making mistakes, and that’s fine with me. I hope to one day to be a master. I study. I read BOOKS, and I attend a few classes. I try to learn everything I can, everyday. Paying my dues.

I study the old masters to the newest photographers out here. I respect them all. I respect photography and all of its aspects. Yes there are a boatload of sh*tty photographers out here getting paid good money for their “masterpieces”. Is it fair, NO, but what will complaining do? 0, zip, nada, goose egg, zilch, nothing. If you feel like you are being cheated out of your fair share, my advice to you is to get up, go out and grind, grind, grind, and when you are too tired or exhausted to grind anymore, you grind twice as hard as the last time. You have too. It’s the only way to get your share.

If you are a great photographer, your work will show it. The main thing is, is to get your work out there. Don’t be afraid to try anything. I recently got up one morning and just walked around a few neighborhoods, doing it the old school way, like a door to door salesman, with my port and some business cards. Visiting different establishments. Offering my services. This wasn’t a normal situation for me. I’ve never done it before in my entire life. But you know what, I did it. It’s things like this that us photographers, might have to start doing.

We have to adapt ladies and gentlemen. To me, there isn’t any other choice. Everything seems stacked  against photographers now. I’ve even read an article somewhere that stated photography was a dying art. Are you going to let photography die out? I wont sit, or stand for it. I’m doing my part in my little slice of Heaven known as Brooklyn. For me, photography will only die when I’ve squeezed the shutter for the very last time, and God calls me for that Big Assignment in the sky. So, I leave you with this.

The economy IS bad. Yes there are 50 million photographers. Remember in Lord of the Rings when everyone told Frodo that it was impossible to take the ring to Mount Doom, and destroy it? It cost him a finger, friends, and almost his sanity, but he did it. So, I ask you this, how far are you willing to go? Or are you letting the naysayers dictate your journey?


4 thoughts on “The Bad Economy & The 50 Million Photographers

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