Back from the Road

Just settling in from my vacation. I’ve been on the road for 10 days. Spent 5 days in Vegas, and 4 days in Virginia. I love to travel, but I must say, I am exhausted. Flipping between time zones has never been easy for me. Yet i’ve learned to get used to it.

Vegas was gorgeous. Im a New Yorker, but The Strip makes Times Square look like a lit match in comparison. There is some serious energy burning going on in Vegas. Neon lights everywhere. I must have read every single sign. I think my retina’s are still burning.

I did get a chance to shoot some street portraits during the day on The Strip. Met some interesting people too. I also visited Mt. Charleston, which are the mountains that surround Las Vegas.

Mt. Charleston was beautiful, but, there was a catch. It was cold. The temperature in Las Vegas was 82 degrees, but the temperature up in Mt. Charleston was a balmy 57 degrees. It was also very damp. Didn’t stay up there too long. I also got some pretty good landscape shots from the bottom of the mountain. The views are absolutely beautiful from there.

Im still feeling the effects from all this traveling so Im keeping this post short. Will put up post about Virginia soon. I am signing off right now, my pillow top mattress is singing me a lullaby. Sandman, here i come! Good Night All!


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