Totally Not Me

My last post was very short and probably bored the hell out of a lot of you. I think people get tired of hearing about the proverbial “Trip to Vegas”, but hey, I was just trying to show people, Vegas through my eyes.

This post is sort of similar because it was part of my road trip, but it’s not so much about the trip itself. In my last post, I stated that while on my road trip/vacation, I also visited Virginia. Now, Virginia, is just a completely different story that I’ll blog about at a later time. Not going to even go there right now. That post might help you catch up on some desperately needed sleep if you know what I mean. Now, don’t get me wrong, Virginia is nice, but I now fully understand why they say Virginia is for lovers.

While in Virginia, I visited the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk. Great little zoo, but if you’re a New Yorker like I am, you’re hopelessly spoiled by that zoo in the Bronx.

Now, by no means am I a nature photographer. I can’t remember the last time I’ve shot anything that wasn’t a bi-ped. I love wildlife photography. I remember as a child, my mother used to have these nature calendars hanging on the wall by her desk, with some beautiful images of bears, birds, and other great wildlife. It definitely left a lasting impression on me to say the least. But for some reason, I’ve never pursued that part of photography.

I shot these in the zoo that day, and I must say, I tip my hat to wildlife photographers. I mean, you have these subjects that are constantly moving. It’s not like you can say, “Hey, could you please hold that pose and stop foraging for food right now”, or send in a Stylist or an MUA to make adjustments. I’m sure it takes a boat load of patience and just knowing when to start shooting. I’ll say this, it wasn’t easy for me, and these animals were in a zoo, and used to human interaction. In the wild, I could only imagine the degree of difficulty it would take to get a great shot. I also believe that it takes a special kind of individual to shoot wildlife. From what I have seen, the best wildlife shooters seen to capture the essence of the animal/s that they are shooting. Im sure it takes a great deal of dedication, and a great set of gear as well.

I shot these with my 80-200mm on a DX sensor(D300) to get that extra reach. Honestly speaking, this was the first time I really used that lens for more than ten minutes. Most of the work I do, I use my 24-70mm religiously. It felt good to shoot with a different set up too. The 80-200mm is as sharp as a tack. I think I shot some pretty good pictures with it, but I don’t think wildlife photography is for me. It’s alway good to shake things up a bit though 🙂


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