The Trouble with Justin Clamps :(

Now I love Manfrotto’s Justin Clamps. They are one of the handiest tools to have if you use speed lights. With Justin Clamps, you can put your strobes just about anywhere you can think of. The problem with the Justin Clamps aren’t the clamps themselves, but the cold shoe. It works well If you are using a Nikon SB-800, but if you use an SB-900, you’re out of luck. Now don’t get me wrong, the shoe of the SB-900 will slide into the cold shoe of the Justin Clamp, but you’ll have to force it in there. After a few times of forcing it in, the cold shoe will crack, as in the picture above. Then you’re stuck with a Just-A-Clamp, instead of a Justin Clamp. Would you trust a $500 dollar flash in a broken cold shoe? I hope not, because I sure wouldn’t. So, what do you do?

You scour the internet for solutions like I did. I found a few, but they didn’t work for me. Kept searching and asking around. Someone made the suggestion of trying a Set Screw Socket. So off to Home Depot I go. Of course it took me 25 minutes to get help, but finally someone came and pointed me in the right direction of the set screws. Ill give you a little tip, they are located in the middle of the aisle with all the bolts and screws, inside of what looks like a metal dresser. That should spare you the agony of waiting for a Home Depot employee.

Now with the set screw socket, you need something to connect your flash to. I used the Stroboframe cold shoe. Great and invaluable cold shoe. Keeps a great grip on your flash, and it’s tough as hell.

You take the set screw socket, and screw it into the screw hole on top of the ball head of the Justin Clamp. Just screw it down until you can’t screw it anymore(I know, it sounds funny).

With that done, you take your Stroboframe, or an equivalent cold shoe, and screw that onto the top of the set screw socket that you inserted into the screw hole of the ball head, and that’s it. Problem solved.

How much will this complex fix cost you?

A whopping 93 cents. Here in New York, with tax, it came out to $1.01. For that price you get…..2 set screw sockets in the pack. So you have a spare just in case. Happy shooting.


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