Tilting the Beast

Normal MountI attended Photo Plus Expo this year, as usual for me. Met a few cool people there, but this post isn’t about PPE. It’s about a problem, not really solved, but, slightly solved.

You see, while at PPE, one of my objectives was to hunt down a Wescott rep. I use Westcott equipment regularly and had a few burning questions that need to be answered, or a reasonable facsimile there of. My main question was, “How do you tilt your Apollo soft boxes, without the use of a boom arm”? Now, I wish I would have took the gentleman’s name, but I didn’t. The Westcott rep physically showed me, on the show floor, a way to tilt the Apollos. He was very helpful, and I love when a company stands behind their products, and are eager to help a customer out.

Ok, to translate what he showed me into words. Basically, you take the Apollo, this applies for the 28 inch, and the Beast(50 inch), and you slide the shaft into the hole of your umbrella bracket. Now, when you insert the shaft, you insert it with the soft box mounted outside of the bracket. Normally, you would assemble the soft box, and slide the soft box down onto the umbrella bracket and light stand, and then slide the shaft into the hole in the umbrella bracket.

Now, I know about the method where you push the shaft of the soft box as far as it can go into the umbrella bracket hole, and leave the zippers unzipped so you can tilt it that way. That method works for the 28 inch Apollo to a good degree, but for the 50 inch, its not happening. The problem with the 50 inch is that the shaft gets wider toward the end, so you’re not able to go as far back on it as with the 28 inch. So, in closing, I hope this helps some of you who have had problems tilting the Beast. P.S. A little birdie told me that there are some grids coming for the Apollo’s  for Q1 of next year, but, SHHHH, you never heard that from me!

The zipper zipped when mounting normally


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