Sometimes, its not about pictures.

The other day I had some free time so I decided to hit the street and do some shooting. Now, when I do go street shooting, I usually head out to Manhattan. Sometimes I go to Chinatown, Lower East Side, or Harlem. On this particular day, I decided to start out on the West Side.

My plan was to take the subway to 34th Penn Station, and walk up 7th avenue towards 42nd St Times Square. Between those two points, you can usually find some pretty interesting subjects to shoot.

Upon my arrival at 34th St, I stopped inside of a pharmacy to grab a drink. I leave the pharmacy, and now Im walking down 34th St towards 7th Ave. As I am walking, an elderly woman approaches me and asks, “Do you know where Popeye’s is young man”? I say the her, “No mam, I don’t know where a Popeye’s is in this area”. She proceeds to tell me how a young lady looked on her cell phone, and gave her an address to a Popeye’s on 34th St. I then tell her that I will look it up on my cell phone’s GPS.

I pull out my BlackBerry, and start searching. Now, the address my GPS pulled up for Popeye’s was on 40th st. I told her where the closest one was, and her response was,”Oh, well, that’s a ways from here”. So, I offered to hail and pay for a cab for her to get there. I thought to myself, If this was my Grandmother, would I want her walking the busy streets of Midtown. Heck no. And besides, what’s 7 or 8 bucks going to hurt? I attempted to hail down a cab for about 5 to 8 minutes, but it was around 4:30, and you know that rush hour in Manhattan is like Gridlock City. She sees my futile attempts, and says, “It’s okay, ill take the subway one stop”. She thanked me repeatedly. I told her it was no problem. Now, what she said next kind of caught me off guard. She said, “Young man, I know you are someone’s son, and you are a blessing”. I humbly thanked her, and she went on her way.

By now, you’re probably wondering what’s the point in all this. I don’t know if you caught it, but I said the time was around 4:30 pm. Now, remember that day we set the clocks back? When we gained an extra hour of sleep? Well, we also lost time on the Sun too. My point, by the time I got finished helping the sweet elderly lady, the Sun dropped like a hot brick. No more pretty golden light to shoot with 😦 But you know what, I wasn’t upset or pissed about it. I helped another person in need, and it felt good. Sometimes, it’s just not all about pictures.

I did manage to shoot a couple of frames. And when I say a couple, I mean a couple. Two, Deuce, 2, dos, that’s it. That gorgeous one at the top is one of them(joking, it looks like crap). The other one I won’t post to protect the innocent : )


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