Turning Two and Loving It. Sort of.

My sister threw my niece a birthday party this past weekend. It’s actually her first birthday party. My beautiful niece is turning two. Of course I had to get some shots of her.

Now, my niece is not the average 2 year old little girl. She has a range of emotions that goes up and down the scales. I always call her a mean old little lady. When she is on the mean end of the scale, look out!! This girl can cry with the best of them. I know the last time I saw her, I jotted down on a piece of paper, “Bring earplugs when visiting”. No, Im kidding. But she can definitely be mean when she wants to be.

But when she is on the good/sweet side of the scale, man, they don’t get any sweeter. I cant think of anything that compares to when you see a little girl laugh and smile. She is such the sweetheart when she is happy. And what a gorgeous smile she has.

As i’ve said before, It is a joy to watch your family grow. To be able to document it as well is just another blessing within itself. So, ill keep watching them, and keep shooting all along the way.

P.S. If anyone was wondering how I shot these, I was in close with the new Lumiquest Softbox LTP. Had an SB800 with the dome diffuser on inside the box. Triggered using CLS via a hot shoe mounted SU800.


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