I know im late, but, Happy Turkey Day

I’m currently away from home, visiting family, thus haven’t been able to write any new blog posts. I’m actually sneaking this one in. I know I am a day late but Happy Thanksgiving to all. I’ll have more to share when I return home. I’ve had a breakthrough recently. It came about from a book I recently finished really. It was a loud wake up call for me, and definitely a gut check. It put so many things into perspective for me. I feel better both mentally and spiritually now. That is as far as I go about the book for now. Will tell more later.

I’ve been shooting my street portraits and so far, I’ve been really fortunate because the people I seem to meet are very willing participants. Like I’ve said before, I love shooting personal work. No restrictions, no deadlines, just pure photographic freedom. Can’t give a date when I’ll be finished, because honestly, I can’t see myself ever stopping. So, maybe I’ll just gather about 15 of what I feel are the best images, and have a gallery opening/viewing. Will have more to post when I get home. Take care.


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