New gear solution?

I recently posted a poll here on my blog called “December Decision time“, about making my last, I guess, big, purchase for 2010. Now, the problem is this. I recently received an email from the makers of the new lighting modifier called, “The SaberStrip“. From the looks of this thing, its pretty damn cool. It would definitely help me as far as my on location shooting is concerned. 

One of the biggest problems here in NYC while shooting on location is the wind. I’ve had so many close calls, and actual equipment loss due to the wind. I’ve had umbrellas turn into sails, I’ve lost two Westcott Apollo’s, and this was with at least one sandbag on the stand I was using at the time. Sometimes I feel like Im shooting in Chicago. With the SaberStrip, it’s made like a tube, long, and thin, thus cutting down the possibility of the wind getting underneath it. If you have a moment you can check out some resulting pictures here.

The second part to all of this is, the new “Nikon Pocket Wizards, aka, the MiniTT1, and the FlexTT5“. Most people already know about the quality of Pocket Wizards. Ridiculous range(1500 ft), extremely well built, and reliable. Now, some people feel they are overpriced, and use other products for their radio triggering needs. I’ve always wanted to get some, but I opted for Paul C. Buff’s “Cybersyncs instead. But, when the people over at Pocket Wizards announced that they were making i-TTL versions for Nikon, I couldn’t do anything but think of the possibilities. If you are a Nikon user, and have ever tried to use TTL on location, and have had misfires like I have, you understand. Nikon uses infrared for sending the signal for TTL. Infrared is not too reliable outdoors, and if the Sun is up, you can forget it. Radio frequency, plus i-TTL, means reliability shot after shot. It would definitely be a joy to be able to use i-TTL with confidence outdoors.

So, this is my dilemma. Which would you go for? The Pocket Wizards, or the SaberStrip? Both would help out as far as my on location work. The major difference hear is price. The SaberStrip will retail for 135$ each, while the Pocket Wizards will retail for 219$ for the FlexTT5, and 199$ for the MiniTT. So, Im still kind of up in the air so to speak. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

What’s in my bag?, originally uploaded by iamNigelMorris.


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