Interfit INT337 Strobies Triple Flash Bracket Review


Interfit Tri-Flash Bracket

I was supposed to write the review on my new SaberStrips, but I’m still experimenting with them. It will be up soon though. For this blog post however, I am writing a review on the Interfit INT337 Strobies Triple Flash Bracket that I recently purchased.

Interfit Tri-Flash Bracket with 2 SB900's and 1 SB800

What can I say about this bracket. It is a great addition to my lighting kit. It’s built like a tank. All metal design here. No expense spared. Tri-Flash brackets have been around for a while(i’ve had the DIY Home Depot version for a while). What separates this one from the pack first and foremost is, Price. Yes, you get all metal construction for just 34.99. Less than half the price of the Wescott version. Also, the Wescott version isn’t as robust as this Interfit unit.

The actual cold shoe  mounts for your speedlights are of the good variety. There are three of course. They are almost identical to the Stroboframe cold shoe. Holds on to your flashes foot nice and tight.

Handle for multi-directional swiveling

Another great feature unique to this unit is that the cold shoe is mounted to a square shaped bracket, and that bracket is removable to allow you an easier range of motion to mount your flashes to the cold shoes. Trust me, this is a great and convenient feature. Then there’s the handle. The handle allows you to aim the bracket with great precision. There’s even a dial on the side so that when you twist and lock the handle into position, you’ll know what angle you’re on(i.e. 45, 30 degree angle). Then, there is the umbrella mount, which has a wheel that has grooves chiseled into it for better gripping while clamping down onto your umbrella shaft.

Angle Dial

All in all, this Interfit unit is well worth the price of admission. You get a great, all metal design flash bracket for the price of a movie night for two. You also get to triple up on your flash power for faster recycle times as well(ttl times 3 anyone?). Interfit definitely has a winner on it’s hands with this unit. If you’re in the market for a Tri-Flash bracket, look no further. For the features and the price, this unit can’t be beat.

Interfit Tri-Flash Bracket with Nikon Flashes inside of a 28 inch Wescott Apollo



4 thoughts on “Interfit INT337 Strobies Triple Flash Bracket Review

  1. I feel this post is a ‘commercial’ for a poorly designed after-thought product, to sell the crappy swivel which was originally designed for one flash. A “product review” points out good things about the product and it’s short comings. Does the square bit have a threaded hole on the bottom for alternative mounting? Why is the shaft-hole so far off axis? (because these two parts were designed separately, the square to sell the swivel). Your Flash in the last photo is touching the modifier. I do not feel this is a valuable review.

  2. Thank you for your comment David Sr. Im sorry you feel that way. I don’t work for Interfit, nor do I get paid by them for this review. This review is based on my experience with the unit so far. I actually like the unit, and will continue using it, and it is now a permanent fixture in my lighting kit. As far as negatives, I haven’t found anything negative to say about this unit. The umbrella shaft hole is actually centered perfectly. As far as the square bit, it is mounted via a clamp that is tightened with a star shaped knob located on the left side of the unit. You can see it prominently in the first image. Hope this helps.

    1. Yes and no. I say this because technically you could mount them to this bracket, but you better have small hands with skinny fingers. I have huge hands and fingers, yet I can do it, but it is a pain to try to tighten the units once they are in the brackets. Hope this helps.

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