A quickie review of the SaberStrips

SaberStrip Img 1, originally uploaded by iamNigelMorris.

First things first. This is not a full review. This will be a quick, bang, boom review. Main reason for the quickie? Simple. I haven’t had the time to really use the SaberStrips in multiple set ups, situations, and on multiple subjects.

Here we go. First off, the SS(SaberStrips) feel pretty sturdy. They feel like they can take a pretty good beating, or maybe even give a good beating(joking, kind of). For the shot above, I’m using one SS above, mounted horizontally. SB800 inside was at about, 1/4 power with no dome diffuser. As you can see, these things put out a great amount of light. Also a plus, they are almost impervious to wind, and when I shot this, it was cold, and windy, thus the short review. As far as negatives, the only problem I’ve had with the units would be the bottom where you tighten the clamp to the strip. There was time’s I would tighten it, or so I thought, and it still would be a little loose, increasing the chance of the tube falling off, but your flash would be safe. Full review will be coming up in the New Year.


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