My Shoot with Teenage Entrepreneur Aliya Pooser

Early in November of last year(wow, time sure does fly these days), I had the pleasure of shooting Aliya Pooser, a Teenage Entrepreneur from Harlem NY. The name of her company is Chubby Cheeks. Aliya hand knits Scarves, Hats, Doggie Wear, Leg Warmers, Skirts, Head Bands, etc. The list just goes on and on. You can follow her on Twitter here. Also, Aaliyah’s  Tumblr  page can be found here.

Aliya attends school, makes her products, and takes a great portion of running the business, with some assistance from her family, all at the tender age of 15. Aliya’s mother helps with the Marketing and Promotion.

The shoot took place in my hometown of Brooklyn at one of my favorite places to shoot, Prospect Park. This place has so many great locations to shoot. Too many to name here. This shoot was to promote her outerwear collection. Aliya’s mom actually did the wardrobe and styling for the shoot, and she did a great job in my opion. They wanted to mix in some rich color against the Autumn background, and I feel it really made her pop in almost all of the frames I took.

For this shoot, I mostly used my Alien Bees with the Big Octa. I prefer to shoot with one light if I can get the image I see in my mind, and I was able to do so on this shoot. One AB800 at about 1/2 power in that big Octa. One thing about the big Octa, do not, and I repeat, do not shoot without the inner baffle. If you do, you are going to curse yourself for the next 400 years when you see the huge hot spot this thing throws out when you don’t use the inner baffle. I learned the hard way on a shoot over the Summer of 2010. I was able to spot it because I was shooting tethered for that shoot. For this shoot, I also used the grid for the Octa for a few of the shots. The grid will make life easier for you if you want to control spill, and trust me, the big Octa throws light everywhere without the grid.

I also used some SB’s on the shoot as well. I used them for the close ups mainly. I had two SB900’s that I usually carry with me on a shoot for their zoom capability and power.

It was such a pleasure to do this shoot. Aliya is very determined and is very motivated. She is an inspiration to her peers, and to us all. At 15, I was too busy with Basketball to think about anything else, let alone starting and running a business. To think that this young lady has it together at her age, is simply amazing. If you haven’t done so, please follow her on Twitter. Aliya is definitely one to watch.


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