What I’ve been up to

I’ve been really busy shooting lately. I’ve been working on my personal project with a really good friend of mine’s that shoots video. Things first started off slowly, but they are rolling right along now. I am very excited about finishing the project because it is something very important and beneficial for a lot of people. 

I have also been shooting in, and out of the studio. The weather here in NYC has everyone flipping fashion, going from Winter wear, to semi-Spring wear, and then back again. It’s been really strange. The days when the weather isn’t too bad, I take advantage of it. To me now, 40 degrees is more like 55. I think I’m just starting to get used to cold weather. Although I am longing for Spring, and just a constant temperature of at least 50 degrees.

Most of you that follow my work, know that I love shooting on location. Thus the longing for warmer temps. I have been experimenting with different lighting scenarios, and I must say, I am really pleased with the outcome. I love shooting something, and it turns out looking like nothing I’ve ever shot previously. I credit it to me just growing.

Also, I got my ticket for “The Flash Bus Tour” stop here in NYC. It’s going to be great. Looking forward to meeting some of my fellow shooters here in NYC. I’ve met Joe McNally at the PDN Expo last year, but I’ve never met David Hobby, so, I am looking forward to that as well. Hope all is well with everyone. Till next post, happy shooting.

What I’ve been up to, originally uploaded by iamNigelMorris.


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