Another Day

Another Day, originally uploaded by iamNigelMorris.
I was in lower Manhattan this afternoon, running around, completing some errands, and I came across a group of supporters

for victims of the tsunami in Japan. I was touched and saddened at the same time. So many lives have been lost. Yet the strength of the people has been incredible. It all goes back to that old saying, “Be thankful for what you do have”.

There are a a lot of people that complain about their lives, me included. Sometimes, you just need to step back and say, I’m thankful, and I’m blessed. I am still alive, I am mobile, and I am doing something that I love to do. I try to thank God everyday for giving me another day to do his work, and then mines.

I’ve been going back and forth over the design of my new portfolio, losing sleep and all, and today just made me realize that I just need to relax, and let things work themselves out.

So, I leave you with this. Be thankful for another day. Be thankful to be here, and doing whatever you may be doing to enjoy life. Whether that be photography, writing, playing cards, vacation, etc. Be thankful.


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