The Funk

I had a big shoot for a modeling agency last Thursday, and it went really well. Got a chance to work with some really talented people. This post however, is not about that shoot. This post is about that burned out feeling we all get as creatives.

I can’t tell you where it comes from, or what brings it about. It’s just one of those random occurrences  I guess. I will say this, It is frustrating as hell. It’s just this unexplainable funk that blankets you like an oversized jacket. Sometimes it feels like it is just totally unshakable. My cure is usually just go out and shoot something that I don’t normally shoot.

So, this past Saturday, I got up early, and shot some macro/pretty flowers work. I haven’t shot this stuff in ages. But honestly, it felt good to break away from portraiture. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love shooting portraits, and It will always be my number 1, but sometimes, it can get monotonous. You would think that I would be psyched after my shoot on Thursday, but by Friday night, the funk hit me.

I am slowly starting to come back though. I guess shooting the macro work shook things up a bit for me. I’m still searching for a studio, and still shooting my personal work as well.

Also, on a side note. I will say this. When you do get into that funk thing I was talking about earlier, it helps to have fellow creatives around to also help you get out of it. Thank God for fellow creatives.

Technical Note: For these shots, I used a Nikon D300, with a Nikon 105mm, f2.8, macro lens. I also used the new Pocket Wizard Mini tt1, and Flex tt5 for Nikon. I also used the AC3 zone controller for Nikon, for power adjustments on camera. These Pocket Wizards are great tools, that I am currently putting through their paces.


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