Agency Models NYC Shoot

Agency Model Shoot NYC, By Nigel Morris Photography

Early last month, I had a shoot with two models from Agency Models NYC. I was very excited to be working with AM because of the positive conversations I had with them prior to the shoot. They were very direct in stating what they wanted, and we had a few conversations prior to the shoot. Communication makes life so much easier to me.

I booked a studio here in Brooklyn, called Jay Street Studios. The studio manager is actually an associate of mines and is also a pretty good photographer to boot.

I worked with a great team. Christine Cerzosie did hair, and Oz Rodriguez was on the makeup. Two very professional individuals. We worked together very well. It was such a pleasure to work with these two talented people. I plan on working with them on some upcoming projects, thats for sure.

I also worked with Jacquelyn Rawlings, who works for AM and did the styling and basically was the art director. Great young lady to work with. Was very helpful directing the models.


All in all, the shoot went very well. No problems occurred with equipment(thank God), everyone contributed to the shoot, and we wrapped right on time. What more can you ask for?

I included some behind the scenes shots of the team at work. I love watching other creatives at work.


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