Giving Back

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I recently did some work for Arts East New York. On August 13th, 2011, they had a show titled, East New York’s Next Top Model, here in the East New York section of Brooklyn. I feel this was a great idea for the young ladies of the community, so, I volunteered to shoot some quick beauty shots of them as they came out of hair and makeup.

I think the beauty shots came out pretty well. I set up under a tree, attempting to get the young ladies in the shade, to have total control over my lighting. Well, the Sun don’t always play nice. Once in a while, some rays would peek through the leaves of the tree I was under for shade and effect my exposure, thus, giving me fits of agita. Was a simple set up. Clamshell lighting, ab800, 22 inch white Alien Bees beauty dish above, and a reflector below. Background was actually my Lastolite Skylite. One note, with a setup like this, use the diffusion fabric instead of the reflective fabric. In hindsight, I could have used the diffusion fabric, fired an sb900 through the fabric from behind, and I would have gotten a nice clean, even white background. Would have loved to have shot these in the studio though. Overall, the show was a success. The turn out was pretty good too. Till next time.


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