Gear. Vision. And Pray for me!!!

Too Cute, Shot by Nigel Morris, of Nigel Morris Photography, Portrait and Fashion Photographer, Atlanta, GA, 2011

Okay. Im going to be honest. I am totally excited about the new cameras that are coming out. Canon just released the specs on their new DSLR, and the thing looks like it going to kick some serious a$$ butt. Next week, Nikon will more than likely be revealing the new Nikon D800, and as a Nikon user, I am definitely looking forward to that. However, I doubt that I will purchase either one. Here’s the thing. I, cannot, justify the purchase. Sorry, I just don’t have 7k or 6K just laying around. Most of my finances are tied up in marketing, and promoting the business. And besides, my D700/D300 combo serves me well. No complaints from me, or clients.

Portrait of a Kind Face, From a Personal Series, Shot by Nigel Morris of Nigel Morris Photography, Portrait and Fashion Photographer, Brooklyn, NY, 2011

I am a strong, strong believer in, “Gear is good, Vision is better”. I have been working on my lighting like a mad dog. I always do. I believe you have to experiment as much as you can. I will be totally honest, I am my own lighting guinea pig. I practice on myself “DAILY”. I’ve found that when I practice different lighting scenarios on myself, and nail it, I become comfortable using it for commissioned, or personal work. The key here is “ABE”, always be experimenting.

Self-Portrait, Nigel Morris, of Nigel Morris Photography, Brooklyn Portait and Fashion Photographer, 2011

Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking anyone for grabbing one of the new toys, but I have to reiterate that vision is king. Most of the time, new gear is just going to put you further into the photography hole, and my how deep the photography hole can get. I know a few people that are in deep debt. Im talking in the 10’s of thousands of dollars in debt. The funny thing is, is that they take it very lightly. Like new gear is going to mysteriously jump up and find new clients willing to dole out 10K for a headshot. Getting better with the gear you have is the best road to take in my opinion.

Portrait of Safety, From a Personal Series, Shot by Nigel Morris, of Nigel Morris Photography, Brooklyn, NY, 2011

Some scary news, for me anyhow, but it correlates to this post as to what you could do with your money instead of being a gear whore head. I am participating in the NYC Fotoworks portfolio review next month. It’s my first, so, I am very, very, nervous. I know I might end up leaving crying like a 2 year that just lost his pacifier, but I feel I need it. I need to know where the hell I stand right now, photographically. I need to be told I suck when it comes to ____ _____ ??? Hey, maybe they will love my work. Who knows? One thing I can say is, is that I’ll be there. With all my hopes, dreams, fears, and every other emotion that I forgot to mention. Don’t know how well or how bad It’s going to go, but to me, the most important part is just showing up. Wish me luck!!


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