A Fire Burns in Brooklyn

I am late posting this because so much is going on with my life as a whole right now. I am still working on this marketing thing and it is no piece of cake. I attended my portfolio review last week and it actually went really well. Better than expected actually. But, let’s talk about this video.

This video was shot by my good friend Fitz Fortune of Fort 74 Films. I can’t say enough about this mans work, and his work ethic. I feel people don’t realize how much work goes in to producing a “small” piece like this. To people that don’t know Fitz personally, won’t understand his dedication to his craft. I have physically watched the man edit this video and by watching him, I actually see myself in him. Meaning, the dedication and determination. The desire to create something, and pour your heart and soul into it. These are the things that are unseen by clients. The blood, sweat, and tears, so to speak. What I am speaking of, is the real, behind the scenes stuff.

I kind of feel like I am getting off topic here. Just watch the video and enjoy. Before I go. Quick backstory behind the video. Fitz and I were just out testing some new gear in the D.U.M.B.O. section of Brooklyn, and stumbled upon these Fire dancers/twirlers/ hoopers/spinners practicing in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and we stayed to watch the show. It really was quite the experience. The creativity and the focus you have to have when dealing with fire is incredible. I give these folks a lot of credit, thats for sure.


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