Taking out the Laundry

As this year comes to an end, I find myself in a very deep focus on whats ahead for 2012 but first, I need to get things off of my chest so to speak, about 2011.

What a year it has been for me. I’ve learned so many things about this photography industry, both good, and bad. I’ve always had a good understanding about how many people take photography for granted, and how they basically want you to shoot for free, but I didn’t know how many businesses out here want you to shoot for basically free. But, I am not going to go into depth   on that subject right now. Maybe another time.

I’ve met some great photographers this year as well. I’ll keep the name dropping short, Brad Trent, Diwang Valdez, Sean Stone of Wonderful Machine-(Director of Photography), Richard Gary, Michel Leroy, Kim Akrigg, and I have to shout out Karston Tannis. There are more, but for the sake of not dragging out the name dropping, I’ll end it there.

For those of you that stop by the blog regularly know that I have worked on my marketing this year like a dog. I learned that marketing requires some investment, but ultimately, it is definitely worth it. I learned that I have the ability to become a good marketer, although it will take some time. Oh, and a lot  $$$$.

I’ve done some work for a non profit this year, and unfortunately, it has left a bad taste in my mouth. I blame myself mostly because I believe I went in without clear details being stated in the beginning. Always, always, always, have some type of plan before going into, or agreeing to anything. Make sure both parties win.

I collaborated with a great videographer named, “Fitz Fortune“, of Fort 74 Films. When great minds come together, a lot of ideas begin to grow legs so to speak. We are currently working on a documentary and we are hoping to finish up next year. I am really looking forward to finishing it because I think what we are working on will have a profound effect on a lot of people. I’ve also picked Fitz’s brain about a few things regarding video being that I suck at it. Fitz has taught me the dedication and patience you must have when editing video. I had no clue how tough it was until I watched him work, and bleed, and cry, and then go back to work on his edits. The man is an artist. People outside of the realm of video really needs to see what goes into it behind the scenes. It is really tough.

I purchased a studio space in Atlanta. Yes, purchased. So, I have basically been broke for the last 6 months. No, I am not ashamed to say it at all. I feel I have nothing to be ashamed of. I am investing in my future, and besides that, I got one heck of a deal. Plus, the fact that I consider Atlanta to be my second home anyway. I will say this, being broke has taught me a boat load of things that I couldn’t even imagine it would. Patience, perseverance, strength, doing more with less, using the gear I have, endurance, being more humble than I have ever been in my entire life, to get off my butt and work on my personal projects, get out and meet folks, and the last, and most important by far is, how great of a family I have, and friends as well. They were my glue when I felt like Nigel Morris Photography wasn’t going to last another day. They stuck with me, and I will never forget that.

I have a personal project that I’ve been working on for almost a year and a half. It is about a section of Brooklyn that has always intrigued me since childhood, and it is an ongoing project that I am very anxious to show and tell about so to speak. I will be releasing the images next month on my website.

And finally,(yes, this will be the last paragraph, I promise), I learned about how much I love what I do. I attended the NYC Fotoworks Portfolio review this year. It began on November 1st, and ended on November 3rd. I saw 6 reviewers over the course of the three days, and almost every meeting went well. Here’s the twist to my story, and why I brought this up in the first place. Now, the portfolio reviews started on a Tuesday. Wednesday evening(Nov. 2nd), I was out running some errands, still psyched about the portfolio reviews, and at the same time, still a little nervous. I decided to grab something to eat and headed home. As I pulled up to my building, I began feeling these weird feelings in my chest. At first I thought, indigestion. So, i proceed to my apartment and tried to get some sleep. I was awakened from my sleep by the same weird feeling in my chest at about 5 AM, Thursday morning, so off to the ER I go. Not going to get into too many details, but I was told when I came to the ER, i was in A Fib. Basically my heart was going insane. Can’t really tell you what caused it to come on so suddenly. Could have been my worrying about the portfolio reviews or whatever. Who knows. I was basically told that I might be admitted, and thats when I lost it. It went from worry, to crying. Yes, I cried. All I could think about while laying in that hospital bed, was getting to that portfolio review. Some might call me crazy, stupid, or what the hell ever, but thats what was on my mind. My future in this whole photography thing. I want it that bad. I am in no way ashamed of this either. When you want something so bad, you are willing to do almost anything to make it. That’s me. I was eventually cleared a few hours later after tests were ran, and was told that I was back to normal, and I made it to my final portfolio reviews. I have been seeing heart specialists to monitor everything, and was again given a clean bill. My point is this, Love what you do, or do what you Love. It’s that simple. I love photography. It is embedded in my heart and soul. I live and breath it. I study daily, like I am preparing for some huge photography final that will never come. It is that important to me. This will more than likely be my last post for the year, so, Happy New Years to all, and keep an eye out for me next year.


Make a positive impact on as many people as you can. It will come back to you in some way.

Learn to say I Love You to people you love as much as possible. No one is guaranteed the next nano second.

This goes out to all the people that pretend they want to be a photographer or videographer, or a creative, or what ever. “Talk Means Nothing”. Action is way louder than any word will ever be. If the people you have around you aren’t helping in any shape, fashion or form, yet they say they are willing to help and don’t, and always have an excuse to why they can’t, to hell with them. You know the old saying about the crabs in the barrel?

Creatives must have other creatives around. If not, nothing gets done. We need each other.

One last thing. If you keep cutting corners, you will end up with a circle. That circle may be a hole that you could have avoided had you not cut those corners!


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