Think about It

Yes, it seems like its going to be a banner year for photo gear. There seems to be a conga line of new cameras set to be released. My take on it is, the money you might spend on new gear, should  probably be spent elsewhere. When I say this, I am speaking to those who already have gear, but are probably just lusting after all the new toys. Ok, I will put it to you like this, not bragging or boasting, but I can afford to jump into the digital back pool right now, but there is no way I could justify that purchase. Right now, I am not getting jobs where it would require that camera system. Not saying that I don’t like nor want that camera system, but I am doing fine with my old D700/300 combo for now. My eyes are dead set on marketing. I feel that’s where that gear money should go to. Imagine if you took $6000(Nikon D4) or $3000(Nikon D800), and invested it into your marketing strategy for the year. That type of investment, if done correctly, would actually pay for itself first, get your work in front of a broader audience, and also has a good chance to make you some $ for you business. This is the direction I am going in myself. Market, market, market. I’ve heard this so much over the past two years that I fear I mumble it in my sleep. Before I go, I wanted to share this with you,

Agency Access Campaign Manger Pro-$395 per month, for 15 months, which equals to $5925, which is actually cheaper than a new Nikon D4($6000). And by no means do I work for, nor get paid for mentioning this. I have just heard a lot of good things about this place, and I am actually still considering having them help with my marketing. Plus the fact that they are based here in NY. When I speak about this gear thing, I speak from experience. The part that the gear makers don’t mention is, yes you can buy this new Nikon/Canon/Whoever 64MP, 4K/1080P Hybrid HDSLR, and just look at it while you wait for the phone to ring with new business but doesn’t because you didn’t invest in something that will bring returns. It happens. I can’t tell you what to do with your $, I just feel you should think realistically before taking the plunge. Just my 2-cents, and my opinion, and yes I know about the whole, “you know what they say about opinions” thing.


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