Back to Film

Yes, it’s true. I went back to film, and I am loving it. I got a sweet deal ona RZ67 and have been shooting with it for the last few months. I love it. However, it does get a little expensive. I wish I could swing a Nikon Coolscan 9000 scanner, to save on scanning costs, but I don’t have $4,500 for it at this present time. I recently used the RZ during a beauty shoot, just to see how it would turn out, and got this,

The number one reason I went back to film? To slow down mainly. DSLR’s turn you into an Allen Iverson type Photographer, shot, after shot, after shot. I think its called sprayin and prayin. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t that type of shooter to begin with, but I damn sure never want/wanted to become that type. No disrespect to you Sports/Wedding photographers, but thats just not who I am. With film, you have to slow way down, compose, make sure you have a clean frame, etc. It makes you slow down. I have noticed that since I started shooting film again, I’ve become much more aware of certain aspects where previously I wasn’t. Especially with composition, and that is key. Reason two would be, quality. Film just has this quality thats very hard to duplicate. If you’ve ever shot film, you know exactly what I speak of. I chose medium format for the possibility of printing very large. I am a sucker for a large, beautiful, clear, print. I recently got a print back that was 30 by 24 from a roll of Porta 160, and It is beautiful. The hard part is trying to find a spot to hang this beauty. It’s actually a shot from my “Faces of Coney Island Project“. It is right below this paragraph, in all it’s glory,

Hope you enjoyed the images so far. Will definitely be posting more here on the blog in the near future. My next post will be about a subject that a lot of people struggle over, Lighting. I recently stepped up so to speak, from Alien Bees. Stay tuned.


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