When Disaster Strikes

Image by Nigel Morris of Nigel Morris Photography, Brooklyn Portrait Photographer, 2012

I recently made an attempt to shoot a beauty concept I had in mind. Notice how I said, “attempt”. I think it’s best that I start from the beginning yes? Ok.

I had a great concept come to me a while back that I felt would be best suited for a beauty shoot. I went through numerous profiles of mua’s and hair stylists, contacted a few people i’ve worked with in the past, and basically nailed down my team for the shoot.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the shoot first, before I get to the nitty gritty. I know what I am about to say happens sometimes in this biz, but damn.

Nigel Morris of Nigel Morris Photography, Brooklyn Portrait Photographer, 2012

Ok. The night before the shoot, I packed like a mad man, and triple checked everything. I actually went to bed feeling pretty comfortable about everything. I say comfortable, but I use that term loosely. I personally don’t know any photographer that goes into a shoot without some nerves, or pressure. It just comes with the job. Morning comes, I head out to the studio. I set up early, and awaited for the team to arrive. Hair stylist shows on time, great. MUA, no show after an half an hour. I check my email, and…………………..she cancels on me, the  morning of the shoot. I was waiting for someone to pinch me. She came up with the old excuse, “I’m sick”. Still can’t believe it. Model’s were on their way. A well known agency’s models.

Now, I began the back up MUA scramble. I don’t think I have ever made so many phone calls in 2 hours. My iphone was smoking by the time I found a replacement.

Nigel Morris of Nigel Morris Photography, Brooklyn Portrait Photographer, 2012

To cut a long story short. I salvaged what I could from the shoot, and was totally honest with everyone about the situation. I think what got to me the most was the fact that I had collaborated with this person for months about the concepts, and at the last second she bailed on me. Tip for those of you that just may be getting started, always have someone sign an NDA if it is your concept you will be shooting. Glad I had her sign one. That, and always have a plan B, even though it is easier said than done. Blessings.


I was featured on Brooklyn Based today. Brooklyn Based is a great blog all about   Brooklyn of course. Feel free to check them out, and here is the link to the article they did on my Coney Island Project.


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