TJ, from the Faces of the Boardwalk project

TJ, A Musician, from the Coney Island, Faces of the Boardwalk, shot by Nigel Morris of Nigel Morris Photography, Brooklyn, New York, 2012

I was recently out in Coney Island shooting portraits for my personal project, and I heard this beautiful sax rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean“. I have never heard that song played the way it was being played that day. Funny thing is, I couldn’t see where it was coming from. I searched until I found where that soulful music was coming from, and found TJ. Sitting on a bench, just blowing away on his sax. I told him, “You really know how to play that horn”, and I then asked him if he minded if I shot a few portraits of him playing. He said yes, and the image above is one of the results I got that day. TJ actually invited me to a gig he is playing in Coney Island on the 29th of this month. Best part of being a photographer is always the people you meet, and the experiences from meeting, and talking to different people.

For those who wanted to know, I shot this with a Paul C. Buff Einstein 640ws strobe, and a 64 inch soft silver plm, with no diffusion, camera left, with a white round reflector in front of TJ for fill. I am loving that plm modifier these days. It’s almost like cheating.


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