The light switch…………Well, sort of.

"Profoto Gear"

I know I have been forgetting to talk about my switch to a different lighting rig, so, here I go. I recently dove into the wild, and wonderful, albeit expensive, world of Profoto lighting. Why, one might ask. For me, it was 2 simple factors.

The first one would be the quality of light. I know, I know, you’ve heard it before, but, have you shot with any of these babies? The quality of light from shot to shot is second to none. I have only used them in a couple of shoots, but so far I am blown away by the quality of light. It’s simply just something to behold. I bought 80% of my Profoto gear on Ebay, and saved a kings ransom by doing so.

Secondly, this may sound crazy to some, but the mount is top notch to me. Profoto’s mounting system is very, very secure to say the least. The catch is, you have to use Profoto mounts for everything, or else you are taking a gamble. Would you gamble on a $1000 dollar head, that has a $500 dollar flash tube if it needs to be replaced? Me, hell no. So, I only purchase Profoto mounts.

The thing is, I am still using my Alien Bees rig. Yes, you read that right. I have an Einstein 640, a B1600, a B800, and the ABR800. As far as my Profoto gear, I have exactly what you see in the image above, and that’s it. I figured, let me start small, and If I get in over my head, I can easily back off for a while, but still get a lot of work done with this set up. As of right now, I am switching back and forth between these two rigs as far as soft boxes are concerned. Meaning, I switch the mounts when I want to go from AB to Profoto, or vice versa.

I figure the more gigs I get, the more I can slowly build up my Profoto rig. One thing that shooting with the Alien Bees taught me, was that I don’t need a huge arsenal of gear to get the majority of the shots done. You just need to know your gear, and how it performs. I am still learning both systems, though I have more experience with the Alien Bees of course(had them for about 4 years).

Also, before any arguments start, I am not making any comparisons between the two. Honestly, an Einstein gets you very close to Profoto’s consistency. I will however, tip my hat to Paul C. Buff for their service. They really stand behind their products. Haven’t had any real issues with the Profoto’s, so, I can’t say anything about their customer service. Anyway, as I stated, I don’t want to get into a debate. Won’t be putting up quadratic equations, guide numbers, f stops at God knows what distance from the subject, or 32 different pictures of squirrels, cats, and dogs. Just sharing my experience so far. Til’ next time.


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