Great light, no charge

I love using strobes to tell a story, or put light where I need it, but sometimes, God provides all the lighting you need. This was shot just prior to the sun going down, and as you can see, it made for some really great light. I think one of the components of  becoming a good/great photographer is knowing when to draw the line. Meaning, don’t use strobes if the light is great, and you don’t need a c stand, light stand, boom arm, sandbags, etc. It’s really all about timing. At different times of the day, you get different effects from natural light. Want hard shadows or flat lighting, noon to about 2pm is your time. If you want beautiful side light, it’s either an hour before sunrise, or an hour before sunset. From my experience, I prefer shooting right before the sun goes down, the light is just great that time, and you can really get some great shots at that time. But I am rambling. This was shot with no reflector just straight natural light.


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