Coney Island, Faces of the Boardwalk. Closed.

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Yes, yesterday was the last day for my Coney Island, Faces of the Boardwalk project. I thought is was kind of fitting being that yesterday was the last day of Summer. I have been shooting this project for 2 years, and it’s been a great experience.

I have met so many interesting people. It has really been a blast. The main reason I stopped shooting it is because I have a couple of other projects that really need my attention, and I haven’t been shooting those projects because I was shooting the Coney Island project during my free time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will occasionally visit and shoot, but as far as the project is concerned, that’s done.

Also, not really related to this post, but I recently attended the Luminance workshops. I attended Zack Arias, Joe McNally, Robert Seale, and Brian Smith‘s classes, and they were excellent. I loved every class save for one. One of the photographer’s groups I attended made what I took as a racial wisecrack, or a very stereotypical statement at least. This is exactly what the photography industry doesn’t need. I was appalled to say the least, the comment, which was made while discussing a portrait he had shot, went like this, “that was one of the rappers (lil Boosie) people holding a flash inside the vehicle, don’t know if it was his friend, his bodyguard, or his drug dealer”. Really burned me up, but I kept my cool. There is an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. I will never support this person in any way, ever.

Now, for the good part, or bad part for me. As I said earlier, I attended Zack Arias’s class first. At the end of the day, I was able to corner Zack for an impromptu portfolio review(always carry your port folks). Now, I will be honest, I was nervous to show him my book at first, but, I value his opinion, because he is where I myself, am trying to get to. Zack shredded my work, but it was definitely a wake up call. It let me know what was weak in my book, and what I could do differently while shooting. I really have a lot of respect for Zack for doing this. Don’t really know what I will blog about next, but I will say this, my next target as far as gear, is………………..I think I am moving on to medium format, digital. Dun, dun, dun, (laughs like Vincent Price at the end of Thriller)!!

I am posting the portraits that I never used/published for the project due to whatever about them that I felt at the time, wouldn’t work for the project. Till next time.


One thought on “Coney Island, Faces of the Boardwalk. Closed.

  1. Hello Nigel !
    I am a French Photographer who leave in Marseille, in south of France !
    I see your work on French TV, ARTE channel, see you in action doing protraits of Coney Island. Although the photos is made to flash, there is a lot of softness and strength in these portraits. Glad to have met you and your work as. Best regards. Alain

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