My move to Digital Medium Format

Paul Bunyan

I was going to write some long, drawn out, and probably boring as hell blog post about me moving up to medium format digital. I was going to talk about file size, how great the systems white balance was, the specs, zoomed in crops at 100%, and how much it kicks DSLRs S @ss, but, no, I am going to keep things simple.

I saw a print from a digital medium format body while at a portfolio review two years ago, and it made me feel, small, so to speak. Looking at those prints, the quality, detail, depth, and color, just blew my damn mind. I hate comparing my work to others, but this persons prints were like nothing I have seen in person. It was like the images looked like at any moment they would turn to me and say, “Nice huh?”. It was just insane. After seeing those prints and looking at my own, from DSLR 35mm bodies, I almost felt like launching my damn portfolio off of the roof of the tallest and nearest sky scraper.

I was hooked, drawn in, taken aback, sprung, and a bunch of other verbs I can’t list here. At that moment, my study into the world of medium format digital began. I ended up choosing to go with Phase One, because I have used Capture One Pro before and loved it, and felt that Phase One had some of the best customer support around. I ended up purchasing a Phase One 645 DF body, and a Phase One P40+ digital back, used. All images in this blog post have been shot using the Phase.

I have only been shooting with the camera for about a month and a half, but I will say this, It kicks any other camera systems butt that I have used personally in terms of image quality, except for my Mamiya RZ 67. My Nikon bodies are starting to look more and more like Ebay bait by the day. It’s that serious.

A few bullet points,

  • Hell yes it’s an expensive system to get into, regardless if its Hasselblad, Phase One, Mamiya, or Pentax
  • There is one heck of  a learning curve(I myself am still learning of course)
  • No, I cannot justify the purchase of this system, but I bought into it anyway(I have always had an affinity for all things troll anyway)
  • It forces you to slow down due to the focusing system

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