Modifiers and Plastic Bags


I have been meaning to do a quick blog post about this for a while. I have been carrying one of my favorite modifiers around for a long time in a big Adorama, plastic bag. Yes, I said a big Adorama plastic bag. Well, actually, two of my favorite modifiers. How many times can you tell a client you have just came from Adorama prior to a shoot? That, and the fact that the bag started to look like it’s been recycled for the last three years. Now, I love using a mix of hard light, with soft fill. Love it. I tend to use my Profoto reflectors. I really enjoy the results I get from the Telezoom and Magnum reflectors. If you have used anyone of them, you know the type of light they produce, but I am going off topic.

I had been looking for a better solution to carrying my reflectors. I looked at Profoto options, and they had none. Then I looked to other companies, like, Tamrac, Kata, and a few others, but found nothing. The problem with the Telezoom is it’s odd shape. The Magnum can fit in some cases, because it is really not that large. Finding a case for this thing was really tough. Those of you that follow this blog, know that I am a, “if all else fails, look to music instrument cases for a solution” type of guy. The thought him me one day. There is a drum that is similar to the shape of the Telezoom, I just have to find out the proper name for said drum, and then hit the big name music stores. The type of drum that is similar in shape is called a “Djembe” drum.


I visited my local Sam Ash music store, and the search ensued. I really appreciated the customer service I received that day. The staff at Sam Ash in the drum section made it a breeze to find a few options. I went with a case made by a company called “Kaces“. It fit like a charm, and I was also able to stack my Magnum reflector inside the case. To top it off, the case only set me back $35 bucks. The bag is decently padded, and also has arm straps, kind of like a knapsack. It worked out very well, and now I can use that Adorama bag for a more appropriate purpose, as a trash bag.


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