Staying on the Path

I have been thinking about my photography career lately, and it has been damn tough. I find myself getting up in the morning at times

to check my email, and find nothing but people asking for money, instead of opportunities to make a living for myself. The old cellular isn’t ringing off the hook. No voicemails with lucrative offers to create a portrait that will uphold my legacy, long after I’ve left this planet.

Now, with that said, you may think I am ready to pack up, give away my worldly possessions, trek up the Himalayas, and become a Buddhist, but no. I am a big analogy guy, and I am also a movie buff. With that said, one of my favorite movies of all times, is “The Golden Child”. I am going to assume, that most people have seen the movie, and dive right in to the reason for my reference to it. There is a part where the hero,(played by Eddie Murphy) must get across a path, with a glass of water, without spilling a drop of water, to obtain a sacred blade. Now, there is a catch, when it comes to getting across the path. The path itself, is rough. It’s dark, there is no ground, and remember, in spite all of these hazards, he cannot spill a drop of water from the glass he has to hold. The hero must get to the end of this path, with every drop. Now, as a photographer, I can identify with this scene, immensely.

Now, in my eyes, the monk that tells him to stay on the path, is our conscience/internal/spiritual selves. That little voice inside of us that tells us to keep going, even though the proverbial “shit” is hitting the fan. Stay, on, the, path. The water, is our sanity, our social life. Stay on the path, but do not drop any of the water. Our sanity, and our social life, will be tested severely while on the path. I know for me it is. The path, is what it is, our path. If you’ve ever attempted to become, or are a full time photographer, you know the path can be dark, rough, and seems like there is no ground when it comes to failing. Finally, the blade itself, represents making it. To obtain that sacred blade, is to make it. Getting to the blade with every drop of water, is difficult, but possible.

Yes, I am still on my path. Yes, things seem down, but my inner me speaks up and says, “Stay on the path”. I have my glass of water, trying to keep every drop intact. Yes, the path is dark, rough, shit, it’s even lonely sometimes, but, I am making my way, even when I can’t see it. Still don’t have that sacred blade though. Not yet.


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