40K Camera, $8 lighting

Pay close attention to this video. Yes, at some point, we all drool over the latest medium format gear, at least I do occasionally. I want you to look past the camera system, and look at what he is lighting Tony Bennett with for about half of the video. The reason I mention it is this, at the end of the day, gear doesn’t really matter. I used to think that it did, but boy was I wrong. Mark Seliger is one of my favorite photographers, the man has forgotten more about photography then I know, for now. Mark is a legend. The man can probably afford the best Broncolor and Profoto kit known to man, yet he is using, 8 dollar clamp lights from Home Depot, and kicking major @ss with them. Not only that, he is lighting a legend(Tony Bennett), on assignment with them. Just let that sink in the next time you’re ready to dump a load of cash on gear. It’s not about the gear.


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