My move to Digital Medium Format

Paul Bunyan

I was going to write some long, drawn out, and probably boring as hell blog post about me moving (more…)

My Holiday 2012 Promo Piece and my crazy thought process

Three Hero’s and a Minnie

Quick thoughts on an image, new promo’s, and moving on to Medium Format Digital

phone break between set ups, shot by Nigel Morris, of Nigel Morris Photography, Brooklyn/Atlanta Portrait/Editorial Photographer, 2012

Was going through my archives and found this. This was from a shoot I did in February, earlier this year. I remember shooting this while (more…)

Coney Island, Faces of the Boardwalk. Closed.

Great light, no charge

I love using strobes to tell a story, or put light where I need it, but sometimes, God provides all the lighting you need. This was shot just prior to the sun going down, and as you can see, it made (more…)

I suck at compositing. Kind of…………

Obi, final image, shot by Nigel Morris of Nigel Morris Photography, Brooklyn Portrait Photographer, 2012

This is going to be a quick post. I love different genres of photography, but I am a portrait photographer first. I can’t speak for others, but compositing  (more…)


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